Biointensive mini-farming and water education

Creating regenerative closed-loop systems

The Little Acre is an Ojai based, mini-farming, consulting business utilizing the principles of Permaculture and the methods of Biointensive farming to create productive and regenerative closed-loop systems. Our expertise helps create beautiful edible and medicinal gardens that nourish the ecosystem and our clients.

Cultivating ecology, expertise, and empowerment

Our mission is to provide support for clients who want to grow organic food, transcend current resource-intensive land practices, and green their business image and/or their lives. The Little Acre makes healthy food accessible to people of all socioeconomic levels. Our clients want to reconnect to the land, explore their local food-shed, liven-up their diets, and experience life in creatively designed, functional, and beautiful food gardens. We cultivate expertise, empowerment, and ecology.

Sharing our love of the natural world

Natalie Kilmer lives in Ojai, California where she owns and operates The Little Acre and produces an educational podcast; West Coast Water Justice. Natalie works with her clients to grow beautiful, delicious, and medicinal pollinator gardens that use water wisely. It is her passion to share her love of the natural world and the wisdom it has to teach.

Natalie grew up in Northern California near the American River in Placer County, where she first fell in love with wild bodies of water. She later attended UC Berkeley studying Religion which she continues to do through the lens of Nature. Between projects, Nat spends her time researching different microclimates, watersheds, and plant friends from the sidewalks of the city to the backcountry.

West Coast Water Justice Podcast

Started in 2021 in partnership with California non-profit Save California Salmon, West Coast Water Justice is a podcast about grassroots water justice in the Western United States.

We interview Indigenous leaders, biologists, policymakers, environmental lawyers, and other water experts about a wide range of water issues on the West Coast. The health of our water impacts every facet of our lives and being educated on the issues surrounding it helps secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Using the principles of permaculture and the methods of biointensive farming, we create beautiful, edible, and medicinal gardens that nourish the ecosystem and our clients.

Our services

Garden Consultation

Onsite evaluation involving a discussion of client’s needs, aesthetics, and budget. Includes a soil sampling and test results.

Garden Design

Post consultation recommendations with a design plan and schedule. Includes seasonal changes and additions over time to meet a client's vision and ongoing needs.

Water Reuse

Onsite evaluation including a discussion of client’s needs and a sketch of system design and greywater and rainwater catchment options. The Little Acre designs and installs basic systems to reuse water from roofs, sinks, showers and washing machines in your garden.


Onsite evaluation including a discussion of needs and system design options. The Little Acre designs and installs basic irrigation systems for small to medium sized spaces.

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